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Tumble’s Hydrotherapy Journey

In January 2016, my chocolate Labrador, Tumble, was diagnosed with arthritis in both front elbows.  He was nearly 7 years old but had been struggling with weight gain (he’d nearly hit 40kg) and he couldn’t do long walks anymore without becoming very stiff legged and limping.  Lack of exercise was not helping his weight.   As well as going on a diet and having special food, our Vet suggested giving Hydrotherapy a go as surgery was a last resort.   We did not know much about animal hydrotherapy at all and must admit our family wasn’t sure about it but we were willing to give anything a chance if it helped Tumble.

In February, we attend our first session with Karen at Genesis Hydrotherapy.  We immediately felt comfortable with her and she very clearly explained what she would be doing and how regular Hydro sessions would benefit Tumble.  She made a huge fuss of Tumble too and you could see she really loves the dogs she treats.  She was passionate about making him better.  He was very unsure on his first swim but Karen encouraged and praised him the whole time. She made it fun by throwing some doggy toys in the pool too.  We continued to take Tumble for weekly sessions and after a couple of months, we all noticed a huge difference in his strength and his shape!

Tumble started to lose weight and also limped less after his walks.  After 6 months, Tumble has lost 3kg and looks so much better.  He is so much fitter and Karen can tell how much stronger his legs are as his muscles have toned up.  We can go for longer walks and he can run after a Frisbee now without being in pain.  He has not limped for months and the real proof of how well he has done, was that at the end of August we did a charity walk up Pen Y Fan (the highest peak in South Wales – 886 metres) and Tumble climbed it with us!!!   It took us 2.5 hours to reach the top with lots of rests on the way, but we were so proud of him as 6 months ago, we would not even been able to think about doing a walk like this with him.  He’s like a puppy again with so much energy.  We still continue to attend maintenance sessions for Tumble too.

So for anybody that does not believe in hydrotherapy, Tumble is certainly proof it works!!

Caitlin, aged 12

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After Nelson, our 11 month old Black Labrador, had an operation for elbow dysplasia we were advised that hydro therapy would be beneficial for his recovery.

We were so pleased to have found Karen’s hydro therapy locally. It was difficult for Nelson after surgery as he was unable to run around to burn off his puppy energy, so Hydro provided that avenue and allowed him to build his muscles to support his joints. Not only did it completely support his recovery he absolutely loved going for his weekly sessions. Karen provided a friendly and welcoming environment and actively monitored Nelsons progress. Karen was able to give us lots of professional sound and helpful advice to aid his recovery.

Now, six months on, Nelson is out and about with no limp in sight.  He runs around with his usual over-zealous excitement but still loves his hydro therapy sessions, just for fun!

Thanks Karen for all your work with Nelson – even when his enthusiasm was just too much!
Simon, Sue & Nelson (ASBO)

I met Karen Fitz-Hugh back in April of this year, it was the best find for my puppy of four months that could of happened.

Sybil was diagnosed with hip Dysplacia and since she was 4 months old has been under Karens care in the rehabilitation of her hip as recommended by our vet. She has been swimming twice a week for the past 4months and the difference and improvement has been remarkable. Karen is extremely consiencious in her ability to nuture and encourage the dogs to swim, Sybil trusted Karen who was always focused on her well being, and was able to support Sybil in the pool especially in the begining when Sybil found it hard work and tiring. The swim was taken slowly and gradually…..she now swims in just a harness her back is strong enough and both legs are working together. I cant thank Karen enough for what she has achieved in so little time.

Susan Lawton

My 14-year-old Border Collie Harry was diagnosed with acute arthritis last year. He was put on painkillers but still found it increasingly difficult to move around. I had spoken to several dog owners who had been to Karen at and also my Vet suggested it might help so I took Harry along.

From the start Karen obviously had a great empathy with dogs. She was very friendly and encouraging in what hydro could do for Harry. I began to take Harry twice weekly and definitely noticed an improvement. Karen quickly built up a rapport with him and he absolutely loved the sessions as Karen made them fun for him with plenty of toys available to play with and lots of encouragement from her. Throughout the time of going to Hydro, Karen has shown herself to be very professional, knowledgeable on all things ‘dog’, offering advice on everything from diet, supplements, even dog coats, to aid Harry’s improvement.

Karen is obviously passionate about her work which reflects in the results she gets. She is also so supportive to us worried dog owners. Harry still goes swimming every 2 weeks as I am sure it helps keep him moving better.

Stephanie Watts – 11/08/2015

We have been taking our 2 year old golden retriever Lenny to Karen for 6 months now. Prior to that he was on daily pain medication due to a severe case of hip dysplasia and could only walk small distances.

Since starting our weekly hydrotherapy sessions the difference has been staggering. We have been able to greatly reduce his pain medication and therefore he has had more energy and enthusiasm. We have also been able to gradually increase the length of his walks and he has experienced a new lease of life.

Karen has a wonderful way with Lenny immediately making him feel comfortable and secure in the pool. She instinctively knows when he is struggling or how far he can be worked in each session.

We would not hesitate to recommend Karen to any dog owners that are contemplating hydrotherapy.

The muscle in Lenny’s hind legs has grown stronger as a result of regular sessions and we have been able to spare him the painful and unnecessary surgery that the vets were sure he would need.

Best wishes and heartfelt thanks from,

Darren, Becky and a happy healthy Lenny – Hertfordshire

I have had dealings with Karen Fitz-Hugh as a canine hydrotherapist for several years, both as a client and as a vet referring clients to her. She has always conducted herself in a professional manner and has been friendly and helpful.

Amir Kashiv MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon at Vets&Pets

Just before our dogs (Poppy, yellow Labrador) 2nd birthday she became unwell. she was referred to the RVC where she was diagnosed with a slipped disk and early signs of hip dysplasia. When she returned home our vet recommended that she should start having hydrotherapy. We met Karen at the centre, she assessed Poppy and started the hydrotherapy. At the beginning it was soon realised that Poppy was not like a normal Labrador as she didn’t like swimming! With Karen’s help and her caring and enthusiastic ways Poppy very quickly built up trust in her. Poppy is now 6 years old and still goes to see Karen every 2 weeks for hydrotherapy. Poppy’s condition has been greatly helped by the hydrotherapy and she always looks forward to seeing Karen.

Alan Warwick

Java was diagnosed with hip and elbow dysplasia at just under one year old. It was recommended by our vet that he should have hydrotherapy so we decided to attend a hydrotherapy centre, which he enjoyed. I was then recommended by as friend to see Karen and so we moved to Karen’s hydrotherapy centre and we have never looked back. The focus on Java during his weekly sessions and the individual attention is vastly different and by contrast to the other venue, there is  always someone in the pool with him making sure that he exercises all his muscles. This keeps his dysplasia stabilised, keeps his weight down and the additional bonus is overall enjoyment and the fact that he looks forward to it.

Java being my first dog and also a German Shepherd was quite a challenge. I want to thank Karen from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful times we have had, her patience with us and all the wonderful advice.

Stella and Java Vassiliou